Affordable, Reliable Fully Redundant Hosting.

Our Network Center Housed in the SoftLayer Premium Data Center, our network is backed by the most reliable and stable backbone providers in the country to assure you premium quality traffic and network uptime. All reseller and shared hosting customers are hosted on Quad Xeon Woodcrest chipset servers with minimum load averages, maximum velocity, and 99.99% uptime

About our Network Center

Our Public Network : Bluewave Hosted Networks is proud to announce that SoftLayer maintains a carrier class network designed and built for the lowest latency, highest reliability, and maximum scalability. Cisco Routers & Switches - 6500, 3750, 2900 Series routers and switches with gigabit speeds available from the individual server to the Internet.

Redundant GigE Backbone - Multi-router gigabit connections to the Internap, SAVVIS, VERIO/NTT, Abovenet, and Global Crossing core backbone exchanges located in the INFOMART in Dallas, Texas Traffic Management & Analysis - Utilizing Peakflow from Arbor Networks coupled with Netflow data from Cisco routers and switches, network engineers continuously monitor the health, reliability, and performance of the network. Historical analysis is critical for demand and capacity planning. Network IDS, IPS & DDOS - Industry best solutions from Tipping Point are utilized to guard against denial of service, malicious traffic, viruses, malware, phishing, spyware and other types of Internet threats via wire speed detection and remediation coupled with automatic and zero day response. Private VLAN & Port Control -

All servers reside on private VLANs for security purposes. Additional servers or firewalls added after the initial install can be placed on existing VLANs or new VLANs without service interruptions or IP changes. Port control is also available to change port speeds from 10 / 100 / 1000Mbps to further manage security and bandwidth usage. Bandwidth Graphs & Alerts - Detailed bandwidth graphs with historical data and projected monthly usage are available for all public server ports. Custom bandwidth alerts notify of bandwidth usage, spikes, or overages.

Private Network The Bluewave Hosted Networks private routed network is comprised of Cisco 6500, 3500 and 2900 series switches and routers. The functional areas of the Private Network are listed below. Backend Network - 10 / 100 / 1000Mbps server-to-server connections with unlimited traffic between servers. • Private VLANs are used for security with port speed control and bandwidth graphs for traffic management. • Servers can be added to private VLANs at the time of purchase or added in the future without service interruption. Management Network - True out-of-band management of your IT environment via a separate and distinct Internet connection through an SSL VPN gateway. • SoftLayer maintains a separate gigabit network connection through Cogent Communications for SSL VPN connectivity. •

Once connected, SoftLayer's systems drop you into your private backend VLAN via radius authentication for secure control and management of your servers. Service Network - 10 / 100 / 1000Mbps connections from the server to the service network allows secure, fast, and reliable connections to internal services.


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